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History of Jake Ehrlich Sr.


  The little boy shown bellow went on to save the lives of many of his clients. 


Jake Ehrlich was born in 1900.

Pictured above with his family. Young Jake is standing next to his mother, Sarah. His father, whose nickname was Handsome Harry, is seated in the chair. From left to right, brothers Myron, Esaw, and Sam. Myron also went on to become an outstanding attorney.

Jake financed his legal education with his pugilistic purses.

Jake on the verge of a brilliant legal career.

Jake and Jake Jr in 1943. One day, soon after Jake Jr. turned 23, he told his father that he was going to volunteer to enlist in the navy. This picture was taken when Jake Sr. accompanied his son to the Navy enlistment depot.

Jake, Evelyn Snyder, and a young Ronald Reagan, in 1943.

At the height of his powers in 1950.

Jake saved Billie Holiday from the gallows. Lady sings the blues?

Jake teases his pal, former World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Dempsey.

Jake confers with Raymond Burr. The Perry Mason character, created by Earl Stanley Gardner was based on Jake's career. Burr spent two weeks with Jake to study Jake's movements and mannerisms.

Jake puts the moves on actress, June Lockhart. Louis Lurie, San Francisco real estate tycoon, and Jake's life-long confidant, enjoys the shenanigans.

Jake and San Francisco Mayor, George Christopher, on left, join Maurice Chavalier in a verse of "Thank Heaven for Little Girls."

Jake with the King of Torts, Melvin Belli, and Roots author Alex Hailey.

Legal eagle, F. Lee Bailey and Jake.

Jake with Ertha Kitt, and lifetime friend and confidant, Louis Lurie.

One of the last photographs taken of Jake Ehrlich Sr. He was celebrating the fifth birthday of his grandson, Jake Ehrlich III.

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