Dado-Olivera Investigation Postponed And Jake Ehrlich Steals the Boxing Commissionís Show.



JAKE EHRLICH, the suave and debonair San Francisco attorney, is widely regarded as the most brilliant of the younger legal lights in the state.

After observing him in action at the hearing of the state athletic commission in San Francisco Saturday we can readily understand why.

Commissioner Jules Covey of Hollywood forsook his own law practice to preside at the special meeting which had been called to straighten out the tangle arising from the Tony Olivera-Little Dado match which never happened.

It had been advertised as an investigation, but Covey frankly stated the investigation part would be postponed until after the publicís vested interest had been looked after. This, he and his fellow commissioners, Archi Closson of Lodi and John Rustigan of San Francisco believed would best be done by getting all the principals to agree to a rematch.

Ehrlich Gets the Contract

He pleaded, he thundered, he cajoled and he promisedóand he got his client, Little Dado, a contract which calls for 30 percent of the gate. Oh, it took time. The sun was sulking behind the Golden Gate before it was signed, but it had the personal approval of the three commissioners present and the blessing of the two absent members of the board, Commissioners Giesler and Saunders.

There is no guarantee, as in the original contact, but when the shouting died the commission had extracted assurances from the press the match would be treated kindly. This is important, because on Oakland newspaper didnít give the fight a line on the original date.

The same author who a week ago said the bout would not go on went so far as to write in his Sunday column: "The contract is as illegal as the original one, because it is the identical contract; but Iím gonna he big and hereby waive all further protests I might make."

Darned decent of him, what?

Dado is a very fortunate Filipino to have a man like Ehrlich representing him. He doesnít need a manager as most fighters do.

Of course, it may cost him something, because Jake is too smart to work for nothing, but the commission has agreed to handle Dadoís money the night of Feb. 28 and all parties present at Saturdayís hearing promised to levy no attachments, one of which started the beef in the first place.

Better Than Boxing Match

No doubt about it. It was Jakeís show and weíll have to admit we would rather listen to him make a speech than watch Dado and Olivera box 10 rounds.

Fortunately, we will probably be able to enjoy both, for as soon as the fight is over, the best interest of the public protected, the investigation will begin.

Commissioner Covey said it would be held "a week or 10 days" after Feb. 28, and Ehrlich, who played such and important part in the battle of the box office last Wednesday night, will be on hand to "make a few more remarks" in behalf of his client.

Personally, this department believes the public might mave neen better served had the investigation of why the fight didínt go on been held first and the matter of a rematch postponed until the facts had been fully established.

As our friend, Mr. Bull, pointed out Saturday, Promoter Charley Marasalli has bonds to the amount of $19,000 filed with the commission to insure the public IS protected. Thatís a provision of the state boxing law.

But what about a repetition of last weekís fiasco? Maybe Marsalli is entitled to a little protection, too.

He must nave winced when he read Mr. Bullís line demanding an immediate refunding to the cash customers theó"sucker public" was the term usedóbecause when he took out his promoterís license it was the expectation of earning a profit on their investmentónot from suckers but from boxing fans.

Exclusive For Marsalli

His expectations have probably changed since Saturday when the ubiquitous Jake was so free with his (Marsalliís) dough. Nobody can say he didnít try to gibe the public the best of it, either.

He even suggested that the fight be staged for charity, any charity, but when the counter proposal was made that Dado donate his 30 percent to charity, to Jake seemed to lose interest.

In fact, he seemed to think it was downright ridiculous.

Anyhow, Marsalli has exclusive promotional rights to the rematch, and will be permitted to pay all expenses and assume all losses.

Jake didnít have much to say about losses. Silly things like tat just donít appeal to him, I guess. Hamlet? Yes! Charity? Yes!

But losses? Very definitely, No!

Maybe heíll change his mind. He might even advise his client to take over part of Marsalliís load.

But, somehow, I donít think he will.