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Jake Ehrlich Sr. Press Gallery


Welcome to the Jake Ehrlich Sr., press gallery. Here, you will find a great deal of his memorabilia. This vast collection includes newspaper articles, photos, letters, film, books, etc.  

This collection is in chronological order. If you have any questions or comments concerning this collection, please call Jake Ehrlich III @ (415) 441-5700. Or email him: Jake@NeverPleadGuilty.com



  (Article) 'THOU SHALT NOT KILL'. A Story of JAKE EHRLICH. NEWS LETTER and Wasp. 4/28/1939.


  (Article) Dado-Olivera Investigation Postponed And Jake Ehrlich Steals the Boxing Commission's Show. By EMMONS BYRNE. 2/12/1940. THE OAKLAND POST ENQUIRER


  (Article) THE MASTER as appeared in Art Cohn's Column in the San Francisco Examiner.  January 24, 1958


yes  (Video) Jake Ehrlich Sr., appears on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to discuss his book, "A Reasonable Doubt.":


  (Article) 'Jake"-One Of Famed Line Of Men Who Symbolized SF. By Robert Patterson. 12/24/1971. S.F. Examiner.

  (Article) J.W. 'Jake' Ehrlich Dies At 71; Famed S.F. Lawyer. By Hubert J. Bernhard. 12/24/1971. San Francisco Examiner.

  (Article) Jake Ehrlich The 'Master' Dies at 71. By Michael Harris. 12/25/1971. San Francisco Chronicle.

  (Article) Jake Ehrlich, Criminal Lawyer Dies. By Martin Well. The Washington Post. 12/25/1971


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