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Jake Ehrlich Sr. Quotes.

"You need not ask a question to get the information you seek; it will be revealed to you by way of an off-hand remark."

"A friend stands beside you when you are taking your blows, and behind you when you are taking your bows."

"I will never have to defend a child who has been read to."

"A man can always be underdressed, but never overdressed."

"We live in a world of slow walkers, talkers and thinkers."

"Never Plead Guilty"

"Do Not Defend" 

"I never forget a friend or forgive an enemy, and if somebody is stupid enough to make themselves my enemy I destroy them."

"When I defend a man in a capital case, my fee is EVERYTHING he owns.  The way I have got it figured, if  I win him his freedom it is worth it, and if I don't, he won't need it anyway."

Greatest Handicap-Fear
Best Day-Today
Greatest Mistake-Giving Up
Greatest Stumbling Block-Ego
Easiest Thing To Do-Find Fault (with others)
Top Comfort-Work Well Done
Greatest Need-Common Sense
Greatest Gift-Forgiveness
Greatest Knowledge-Knowing God
-Jake Ehrlich Sr.

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